Monday, May 5, 2008


I know, I's been a while...but when you look at this picture, you will understand why I needed time to recover.

Please note: tractor with bucket uplifted to about 8 feet - 12 foot ladder standing in bucket - crazy retired sailor-man standing at top of said ladder, nailing roof of barn. What you might not be able to see is our neighbor standing at the front of the tractor, keeping an eye on the brake and emergency brake and JOHN and the rope that is tied about 1/3 of the way down, holding the ladder to the side of the barn. Frankly, it took longer to rig this whole thing than it did for John to hammer in the roof. I suppose if he could climb to the top of a standard rigging pole to adjust a gyrocompass bird on a military ship, this is a piece of cake. The only difference is that he TOLD me about the gyrocompass bird after the fact and I witnessed this barn thing in person.

On another note, our beautiful oldest granddaughter, Emily, turned 8 years old on Thursday last. Not only beautiful, she is talented and loving. She is the best sister to younger siblings, Charlotte and William. And this past Saturday, she was baptized in the Mormon Church. John and I aren't members but our son and his family are. They tell us this is a big deal for an 8 year old. We are so incredibly proud of Emily. Happy Birthday and Booya!


cinnamongirl93 said...

I can feel your pain! My DH does stuff like that all the time with his tractor! I thank God for keeping him safe. I swear some of the things he's rigged up are pure danger! I know just what you are saying here.
Happy Birthday to your Grand Doughter! She is beautiful!

John Knotwell said...

I told dad that he would be nominated for those "redneck" awards if he did that. Turns out you were able to get the evidence... now that's just great. Perhaps you could blow that one up, and actually put it in the barn.

Dawn said...

Oh, good grief--husbands! Makes me shudder just looking at it.

Happy 8th to your beautiful granddaughter!