Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Sock Wars III

Remember a while back when I entered several sock-knitting competitions and there was talk of an intervention? Well, it didn't happen. And I did it again! I entered Sock Wars III.

SW3 is an international battle of knitters. The original battle was in the fall of 2006 and only had about 800 folks entered. Since then, our fearless Supreme Commander, Julie Gardner, has amassed an army of over 1200 knitters from all over the world to compete in the 'bloodiest battle ever"! The pattern is called The Detonator! I'm still knitting on the first sock in my pair - so my target can relax for a bit. My target is Paula in Colorado...with luck I'll get killed by Patricia in New York before I leave on my vacation on Saturday and won't need to tote the sock/s on the plane and mail from my vacation destination. John will be looking out for a package from NY if I'm not killed by the time I leave. Then I'll need to package up the unfinished socks, plus yarn, plus target info and mail everything off to Patricia in the hopes that she finished them and kills my original target before she herself gets killed. With 1200 folks competing, some from overseas, this could take months to finalize! Anyway, wish me luck - I have no hope of winning the thing...I'll merely end up with a pair of socks made especially for me by someone I do not know. Maybe I'll make a new friend?
Yes, I'm off on a short (10 day) vacation on Saturday. John isn't traveling with me - it's just me! Country life is fine if all you have is trees, grasses waving in the breeze, and no traffic sounds except the occasional car coming down our dirt road. If, however, you have attitudes of "well, we aint' ever done it that way before and we ain't gonna start now", it can turn a city girls insides into knots. My knots are getting a bit uncomfortable so I'm heading to the big city for a few days of smog and traffic and restaurants that stay open after 6:00 p.m.! That ought to get rid of the knots for a while. I'll try to make a blog entry while I'm gone, where I'm going they have internet cafe's!
Thanks for checking in.


thdavis3 said...

Now, Sally we ain't ALL hicks round here!

Quiltersal said...

That's true, Terri! Some of you'all are wonderful folks.

cinnamongirl93 said...

Hmmmm, sock wars! Sounds very interesting. I'm still a little skectchy on the directions but it sounds fun! Good luck and I hope you don't get bumped off right away!
Have a wonderfully restful vacation. Sounds like you have some good times ahead!

Dawn said...

Between you and Lisa, I envy your ability to whip up these socks...I for one, couldn't knit for the life of me...

EnJoY your big-city vacation!