Saturday, January 12, 2008

Christmas in Utah

John and I had a fabulous time in Utah with John and Jill and the 3 grandkids. What a delight those children are. Emily is quite a remarkable young lady, Charlotte is talking up a storm, and Will is hitting milestones every day.

Emily is 7 going on 30! A typical 7 year old, fascinated with dancing, and fashion, and Hannah Montana! I can't think of anything she got that wasn't connected with Hannah Montana or clothes! She's sweet and selfish (aren't ALL 7 year olds?) and funny and loving and utterly delightful!

Charlotte is 2 1/2 and makes me tired! She talks all the time...and is always on the move! She's stubborn and incredible smart and loving and cuddly (when she want to be). Charlotte is a creature of habit, as evidenced by her daily sojourn down to the basement to wake Nana at 7:00 each morning...picture this. The house is dark...Charlotte awakes and takes her bankely with her down the stairs to the basement, after securing the baby gate so Will can't fall down the stair. Now she makes her way across a concrete floor to Nana and Papa's door, slowly opening it and quietly comes across to Nana's side of the bed..."Nana, time to wake up!" Nana mumbles something sweet and unintelligble. Charlotte then goes over to the light and flips it on - BLINDING LIGHT! "Charlotte, turn that light off and come cuddle in bed with Nana." Ok, that buys me about 2 minutes! Then, Charlotte is ready to start the day. So up we get! That's the start to a busy day!

Will had just begun to crawl in the few days before we got there....while there, he began pulling himself into a standing position whenever he got to a barrier! I see that boy walking before his first birthday in March! He is a happy baby! Certainly loves his Mama! Actually, they all adore both their parents...

That's the update on the Utah family...they are all just wonderful! And I can say that not only because I'm the Nana, but because it's true!

Happy Weekend.


janet holmberg said...

Hi Sally,

It was great reading all about your family. I visited John's blog and saw his beautiful family..

We're all fine. We spend Christmas with the kids in Disneyland. It was awhile since we've been there..

Love Janet

QuilterSal said...

Janet! What a delightful surprise. Email me with your address so I can add you to list of folks who get notices when I add a new item to the blog....Say Hi to your John for us! We miss you.
Thanks for the birthday card...Hugs,

Lisa Boyer said...

Thanks for sharing your life and family; I enjoyed reading your blog. Thank you both also for your service to our country--you hold a hallowed place in my family's hearts--your sacrifice is very much appreciated.

John Knotwell said...

M&D - we're very glad you were able to make it and we can't wait to see you again in April!