Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Week 40 & 41 - Just Some Random Things

I've been working on stuff!  Nothing terribly important to anyone but myself. Nothing that would stop the turning of the earth if I didn't get it done. Just Stuff.  I worked diligently on two stockings that were requested by my brother and sister-in-law.  They are getting a new daughter-in-law and grandson soon and wanted to welcome them with Christmas stockings.  
This one was a delight to make.  Only 15 pieces but tons of beads and sequins. 
Damien is 11 and this one I'm hoping will delight him.  Greetings from Santa was fun to make. 

I've also finished one that was in progress and had to be put aside while I got the others done in time for the holidays.
Kitty's Christmas was another fun one to make.
That makes my total for felt stockings this year of 4 starts and 5 finishes.  I've started one more that I just might be able to finish before the end of the year.  Dino and Santa from 1993.  Photo to follow soon.

Ever thought about Karma?  Sometime I do...most of the time I don't.  But this kinda brought it to mind.
Gentle reminder to self - it doesn't have to be big to count!

While Mom and I were in Arizona in September, I managed to remember to get a photo of the three of us kids together - the first time since 2012.  After I had it printed off for Mom, I noticed that there had been another photo with the three of us taken while on vacation in 1959. 
Yes, folks, we lined up the same way...R, Me, and B 60 years later.  Looks as though I stopped growing when the boys continued to their full heights!

I saw this the other day, and because I was missing my son, it resonated with me. 
'Nuff said....he is my greatest achievement and my treasure.  

John took the pigs to Freezer Camp last Thursday.  Pua weighed in at 326 pounds and Pigg tipped the scales at 316 pounds.  That's quite a lot of bacon, folks!  He's picking up the fresh pork on Friday and the smoked portion will be ready in 2 more weeks.  Then he is planning a trip to Utah just after the first of December to deliver Pua to the family there.  It's such a blessing to be able to supply our son and his family with home-grown meats.  In the spring, we will take their steer to Freezer Camp and then deliver as well.

There is snow predicted for Halloween.  Thank goodness we live so far out of town that we never get trick-or-treaters.  I'd hate to see fairies and ballet dancers out in that kind of weather!

I'm off to sew and knit and embroider....thanks for stopping by.


Jennifer said...

You are being very organised for Christmas, Sally......well done! I have photos of my brothers and me as children, but none as adults.

Debbie said...

Beautiful stocking finishes! Lots of fun stuff to see on your post!