Sunday, May 10, 2015

Mother's Day 2015

To all the Mothers who are reading this, I am wishing you a most amazing day.  Our job is a 24 hour endeavor, one that does not end when our children reach their majority.  They are our babies till the day we pass from this earth and beyond!  We worry about them, rejoicing in their triumphs and weeping in their failures.  If we are fortunate, they love us and keep us in their lives throughout.  I am one of the fortunates.  My son, along with his amazing wife and their 5 children, are forever a part of our lives and we couldn't be more proud of them! 

Young John is in the UK this week and he tried to send me some flowers for Mother's Day...evidently it is harder than he expected to send flowers from the UK to the he took a beautiful picture of a flower cart there in London and sent it to me....imaging getting a flower cart full of beautiful flowers.....I was so touched!  Honestly, he is so imaginative....and those flowers will never die off!  Along with the picture, he sent a note - which made me cry - I won't share it, but I will cherish it forever!  

See what I got from my own Mr. Wonderful?  2 knock-out rose bushes for the front area under my studio window.  Pink and beautiful.  Along with a beautiful card and breakfast of waffles and home-grown sausage, I'm one happy girl!

Major storms today....we sure can use the water!  John is hoping it will clear up enough later this week that he can get the raised gardens cleared and ready to plant this year's vegetables by the weekend.  Tomatoes need to go into the ground really, really soon.  As well as cucumbers, peppers, zucchinis and jalapenos.  We want to do come canning this fall and the vegetables need to be ready.  

Short and sweet this time.  Wishing you all very productive weeks ahead.  And loving family and friends.  

Oh, and Jennifer in Australia, sorry I forgot your birthday...Hope it was wonderful!

Thanks for stopping by.


Jennifer said...

Thank you, Sal - I had a lovely day! Your roses are beautiful, what a thoughtful gift.

Jennifer said...

Thank you, Sal - I had a lovely day! Your roses are beautiful, what a thoughtful gift.