Sunday, August 3, 2014

If Heaven Kissed You on the Mouth!

Did you ever wonder what it would taste like if Heaven kissed you on the mouth?  That's the question our Childrens' Librarian asked me the other day.  I guess I don't spend a lot of time thinking about this particular subject.  Well, she led me to our break room and this is what she gave me.  A mini pretzel topped with a mini Rolo( smushed a tiny bit to make it easier for the pecan to adhere) topped by a pecan half.  Yes, this is what it would taste like.  Pure Heaven! 
 I recently received a most welcome surprise.  A nephew I haven't seen or spoken to in many years sent me a pattern and kit for one of the Row by Row shops that happened to be near his dentist.  He picked it up and sent it to me and I've spent today putting it together.  The picture doesn't really give you a good perspective but it is 36 1/2" long and 6" high.  The first row I've put together so far.  And I LOVE it! Thank you, dear nephew!
I continue to receive patterns from all over the US...most recently I've gotten ones from Oregon and Maryland, with promises from Washington, California, Maine, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Vermont, Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Canada.  If I make every single one that I receive, that quilt is going to be humongous! Might need to rethink which ones I use...or make several quilts!

Well, I'm off to work on tacking a binding on a huge quilt.  Thanks for stopping by.


Jennifer said...

What a fun quilt row, I love all the greens! That heavenly kiss sounds really delicious, too.

Randy said...

I am so glad you liked the gift. It came out great!