Saturday, July 5, 2014

July 4th Weekend

Spent Thursday nite in the big city....our monthly quilting meeting, normally held on Friday, was moved to Thursday nite due to the holiday.  We had dinner and I came home.  Spent the rest of the evening binding off my Vertices Unite from the WestKnits Summer Knit-a-Long.  This looks like a hot mess right now - let's face it, over 800 stitches is always going to look like a mess until one gets them totally off the needles.  I need to soak and stretch this beauty out and then will post a picture.  I'm really liking this shawl.  Stephen West is an amazing designer and I love everything I've knit of his (so far, 3 shawls).  I have another one ready to start and several more in the planning stages.

Got up to feed the dogs at 5:30 this morning...the sun was just beginning to peak over the horizon.  I couldn't resist taking this picture off the back deck.

The dogs get their final treats and go out to do last chores just about sunset each nite.  Last night this is what I saw on the other side of the dog run fence...these beauties are not afraid of my barking dogs...they know those silly canines can't get to them.   Notice they are not concerned at all...even if that human is standing on the deck taking their picture.
I spent the last two days working on the Block-of-the-Month from last year. I have now finished the top - it measures 92" by 92".  I had already purchased the backing fabric so this baby is ready for the quilter!  I've even made the binding and it's ready when Oliver gets the whole thing quilted and back to me.  One more thing off my To-Do List!  I finished the block from Thursday nite so it's ready when I go to the Block-of-the-Month meeting next month.  And now I've got all day tomorrow to work on something else!  I'm one happy girl!!!

Thanks for stopping by...I'll be back soon.


Jennifer said...

What an interesting shawl! You certainly live in a lovely place......I love the view from the deck.

Batiklover said...

Hey Sal,
Can't wait to see that shawl when it is not a heap.....and what a tease you are....telling about the BOM but not posting a picture!!! Hee hee
Soo good to catch up with you the other day.