Sunday, April 6, 2014

Spring is Finally Here!

It is April and finally beginning to look like spring!  Here in the Ozarks, spring means storms...sometimes wicked storms.  This last week we had our first of what will probably be many storms...this is taken off the back deck, just before sunset.  That wall of clouds is quite scary the first time you see one.  It's sad, or good, that I've become quite used to seeing these clouds and they really don't scare me a lot anymore.  We got a bit of rain, a bit of lightning, and a ton of wind...never lost power or TV service.  
 It's Sock Madness time again...I've made it to Round 3 so far...Round 1 was the Brucie sock - designed by a first time entrant....these socks took me a week to knit and they certainly kept my attention.  Several different designs on the leg and a gansey-esque design on the foot...with a slight variation on a standard heel flap.  I really liked this patter.
 Round 2 brought the Diamond Shreddies by another first time designer.  I did mine in a sage green yarn - more like the leaves of a dusty miller plant.  The Celtic cable was intriguing and these socks only took me 9 days to knit.  We are awaiting the end of this round and then on to Round 3.
Mr. Wonderful is working fullstop on a project in Utah and he is working many extra hours to meet several different deadlines.  Added to this, his cardiac issues are being addressed and he continues to improve!  This past week, they did a procedure called - bear with me, I may goober this up - a CardioConversion.  They stopped his heart and started it again, in the hopes that the atrial fibrillation would reverse to normal heart rhythm...they had to do this procedure twice and he is currently on a pretty heavy-duty medication but so far, it worked and he went back to work the very next day.  Continued prayers are always appreciated!

Well, we are expecting another storm in a few hours and I don't want to be on the computer when the lightning starts....this will have to do, my friends.

Thanks so much for stopping by.  Until next time.


Jennifer said...

Storms can be scary things.....for us, autumn and spring are our storm seasons. Wow, well done on the socks, both such different colours and patterns and both so interesting! My husband has atrial fibrillation too, but so far that option hasn't been suggested to him although he is open about it. I would be interested in how Mr Wonderful is doing after his treatment.

Batiklover said...

How many years have you been in sock wars??? You obviously enjoy it and look at all the wonderful socks you end up with!!! :-)
Glad to hear John is doing better, I sure wish you could be together !!!! Hopefully soon!!!!