Saturday, February 1, 2014

Christmas Recap, Part 2

So, my time in Utah was so short....only 11 days.  And that just isn't enough time to love on all my family there!  Shortly after Christmas, a bunch of Jill's family went to the mall...Old Navy is a favorite of the urban folks...there are choices of clothing for both adults and children.  Our C is a natural model, don't you think?  What a cutie!  

And, as a gift to me, Jill made arrangements to take me and the older girls to a performance of Ballet West's Nutcracker Ballet...I'd never seen this particular ballet, didn't even really know the story.  We went to dinner before and walked across the street to the Capitol Theater....I will remember this for the rest of my life!  What an enchanting evening for the 4 of us. Thanks, Jill, for including me in this wonderful treat!

 I do not recall ever having a doll house when I was growing up. So this year, I put one on my Christmas Wish List. Actually, I chose several and put them on my Amazon Wish List.  My wonderful family uses that Wish List all the time, as I use theirs when looking for gifts.  On Christmas morning, I opened this beautiful's a kit to make the dollhouse.  Here is the front, and the next picture is the back.  I'd decided that I really didn't want to make a traditional dollhouse - rather, I want to make it a Quilt Shop and a Yarn Shop...isn't this going to be cute?  I was so excited!

 Later in the gift-opening, I was handed a large, flat box and, once I'd opened it, I found this kit!  Another dollhouse!  Look at that wraparound porch....I'm thinking this one would make a better Quilt/Yarn Shop.  Jill mentioned, "Well, you need a home to go to once you finish at the quilt shop." So the first one will be built and decorated as a home and the second one will be made into the Quilt/Yarn Shop.

My darling son, John III, celebrated his 36th birthday at the end of January. He has grown to be a fine man. Besides being a husband and father, he is also a businessman and a State Legislator.  He serves in his church and is always available to help his neighbors and friends.  Big John and I are so privileged to be his parents...Happy Birthday to 0ur son, our pride and joy!  

Thanks for stopping by...I am off to the studio to sew on this rainy, drizzly day.

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