Sunday, April 28, 2013

End of April

So the other day was my day off and I stayed home and puttered around (that means I knit most of the day).  It was overcast and rainy and there was no reason to be outside in the weather.  I looked outside around noon and this is what I saw...nap time in the meadow!
 About an hour later, this is the scene outside the window - thick fog. And it got even thicker as the afternoon wore on.  But by the time John got home from work around 5, there was absolutely no evidence that there had been fog...none! Clear skies and beautiful sunshine.
 Since then, we've had rain and cold....I see some blue sky peaking out of the clouds as I type this...almost enough to make a Dutch boy a pair of overalls so we might be clearing.

Yesterday John and I went out and bought some plants...some to put in the beds in front of the house and some to put in hanging planters for the porch...see that beautiful red rose there?  That's a Knock-Out Rose...they are supposed to be hardier and easier to grow that most other roses...we'll see.  It's a double red and just beautiful.  John is going to put it in a huge pot for now, till he gets the front section of the gardens done....then he will probably plant it permanently.
We also got several plants to put in hanging planters, some begonias, some coleus, and a huge fuchsia plant there in the far right of the picture...I love fuchsias....And he bought some bleeding heart seedlings the other day for my front beds....

Our oldest granddaughter is going to be 13 this Wednesday...I can't believe how the time has flown.  She was only 3 when Jill and John got married and now she's a teenager with 4 younger siblings.  And she's grown to be an amazing young woman....We are so very proud of the person she is becoming - caring, smart, pretty.  Just a lovely person to be around. Happy Birthday, our dear E....I'm really jealous that Papa is coming out there at the end of May to spend time with you and your family.  But I will get to see you at Christmas....can hardly wait.

Remember, folks, if you are ever near Springfield or Branson, Missouri, we have 2 guestrooms and you are welcome anytime!  Just give us a call!

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Jennifer said... have such a nice view! Love those new plants too, especially that pretty rose.