Saturday, June 16, 2012


John and I recently spent 10 amazing days in Salt Lake City with our son, his beautiful wife and our 4 grandchildren.  When we arrived, this is what we got to see!  Sorry, Jill is the one taking the picture so she's not in it.  More about her later!

The first thing we did was go to C's & W's dance recital.  The recital theme was Fairy Tales so C's group did Puss 'N Boots and the Swan Princess.  W's group did Trolls and The Lost Boys. Here they are just before the performance. 
The Swan Princess

The Lost Boys

The next day was H's 2nd birthday...he is just the cutest little boy!  

 What could a visit to Utah be for me without Jamba Juice?  It was just a girls day for us so we hit the stores.  And Jamba!
 Jill and I have tried on 3 different visits to get out for a pedicure, just the two of's never happened till now.  We took off after dinner one evening, leaving the children with the men.  I got red and Jill got neon purple.  As told to me by the technician, "Red is lucky color."  I certainly felt lucky to spend so much time with my dear daughter-in-law and my son and my amazing grandchildren!
 Also while we were there, John and Jill invited a bunch of neighbors over to make S'Mores.  In addition to being very involved with the Republican Party (as a candidate for State House of Representatives - more on that later), he is also a lifelong Boy Scout.  He currently serves as the Cubmaster for the local Cub Scout Pack.  The scouts have a tradition of Flag Retirement and the flag that John and Jill had needed to be retired.  He read a beautiful rendition of how to retire the symbol of our country.  All the while, his friend helped him fold the flag.  Then, having already cut the old flag into strips, he invited everyone, especially all the children, to place one piece of the flag in the fire.  W got to put the star piece in. It was lovely reminder of not only how to retire our national symbol, but why we fold it the way we do.

 On Memorial Day, John and several other local officials cooked breakfast for the community.  We went to eat breakfast at the park with the rest of the town.

 See that little spot there with all the people in it?  That's Jill's garden.  It evidently takes a village to plant a garden.

And, finally, it was time to go home.  We left really early to get to the airport.  Made it to Denver and had a 2+ hour layover.  Here is the gate....Branson, MO is our destination.  They had problems with the plane so we were delayed another 2 hour while they determined if they could fly with the problem, or it could be fixed, or if we needed another plane.  Finally they decided to commandeer another plane and we were off!  Got home in plenty of time to unpack, play with the dogs and the cat, and get a good night's sleep in preparation to get back to work the next day.

Whew!  That's a long post...but it's gotten you mostly caught up with what's happening here at Pieceful Harbor and beyond. 

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Derek White said...

What a terrific adventure you had in Utah! Grandparents mean so much to their grandchildren. So glad to see you doing well!

Derek White said...

Sal, what a heartwarming trip! Thanks for sharing. The only bummer for me is that Lori and I didn't get to see you and John while you were here!

Randy said...

Thank you for the long post. It is great to see everyone. Happy Father's Day to John and Uncle John.