Saturday, January 16, 2010

Sock Wars V Began Yesterday

Some of you know that I began knitting socks on a competitive level a couple of years ago. Last year, I won one competition and got to the top 11 competitors on another and made it to round 3 on still another. Well, it's a new year and another competition.

Sock Wars V began last night at 7:00 p.m. my time. There are just over 200 people competing, from numerous countries, mostly the US. We received our target info last weekend and there were 3 patterns uploaded to the competition website last night. I began knitting almost right away and was about 2/3 down the leg, almost ready to begin the heel flap by the time I gave up and went to bed. Got up at 8:00 this morning (and , as most of you know, I HATE to get up early, especially on a day off work!). I began knitting and decided that I'd knit the leg wrong....ripped the darned thing all the way out! There went 3 hours of knitting. While I was casting on again, I decided that I had knit the first try correctly - what a doofus! So, I am re-knitting that previously perfect leg again...and here is the progress so far.

Notice the sock yarn? It's a nylon, acrylic blend that is so soft and comfy. The colours vary from blue-green to grey with a tiny touch of rusty brick red. My target lives on the west coast and I know that I hated the idea of wearing wool socks when we lived in San Diego. Hope she likes them.

I hope to post the finished pair before I head out to the Post Office on Tuesday to mail these weapons to my target. With luck, I won't be 'killed' before I get another pair to finish and live to kill again!

Thanks for stopping by.

ETA 1-19-2010: I've had to frog the darned thing 4 times already...finally changed yarns cause I was afraid I was mangling the other too badly. Ripped the sock for the last time on Sunday morning (from the gusset decrease - 8 hours' work) and started again...SUCCESS! Used different needles and took it slowly...finished sock #1 last night at 11:00 p.m. Cast on the second sock today and hope to finish by tomorrow nite and mail the darned things on Thursday. Will post a picture of the finished products once they are mailed.

Thanks for supporting this crazed sock-knitter and thanks for stopping by.


John Knotwell said...

Good luck mom!

Jennifer said...

Oh dear....3 hours.....there's not much you can do except grit your teeth and re-do it, is there!

Batiklover said...

You Go Girl!!!! :-)