Monday, November 30, 2009

I can't believe I'm writing this...a blog is supposed to be uplifting and lighthearted and not cranky. But today I am cranky. And here's why -

Why do retailers always put out the Christmas decorations right after Labor Day? Why are Columbus Day, Halloween, Veterans" Day, and Thanksgiving given such short shrift? I realize, especially given the economy right now, that the retailers are looking for any way to increase (or at least match the year before) their income, but, HEY FOLKS! Let's not rush into the season before we've even gotten 'fed-up' with the Thanksgiving turkey leftovers.

We have traditionally taken the decorations out of the attic and put them up all around the house the 2nd week in December and taken then down on January 1st. I've seen some houses with their holiday decorations already up before Halloween. And they'll probably stay up till Little Christmas or later.

I'm making a concession to the season at the bottom of this post. We haven't taken the decorations down from the attic yet...and we probably won't till next week sometime. I'm not going to wear my Christmas vest till the week of December 21st. Nor will I answer my phone with a cheery, "Merry Christmas" till that week. I'll be diligently working on getting the cards done before the 15th...maybe before the 22nd (?) And I hope no one takes offense. I'm not anti-Christmas - I'm anti-decorating-before-Thanksgiving!

On that note, I leave you with the following:


John Knotwell said...

Traditionally, in our house here, we decorate the Friday after Thanksgiving. We do that so that I am home and we can take the time to do it and have it up for a month. It's too much effort to decorate around our house to only leave it up for a couple of weeks.

Derek White said...

Amen, Sal!