Tuesday, September 29, 2009

40 Years ago....

John graduated from Hollister High School in Hollister, Missouri. We attended his 40th reunion this past Saturday. There were a total of 25 students who graduated that year...and since then, 4 of them have passed away, leaving 21 still kickin'. 10 of those students gathered on Saturday nite at a lovely little establishment on the lake called Shorty Small's. I can not recommend them enough! They had a room available for us, overlooking the lake. They didn't charge a deposit, they provided us with nachos - gratis!. They have the most perfect waitstaff! The food was great and the company was outstanding. John was able to reconnect with some of the guys he went to high school with...and I got to hear some great stories!

It's fall here in the Ozarks...the weather has cooled down, the breezes are blowing, and the trees are beginning to turn colours. I love Autumn!

Thanks for stopping by.


Lupine Lady said...

Hi, Sally, your reunion dinner sounded great. it's nice to reconnect. You say you're an episodic blogger; I'm an episodic reader. But I like to comment.

Fall is here, too. Today (10/10) is the giant pumpkin weigh-off in RI--a real sign of fall. Maybe there will be one over 1500 lbs.

Quiltersal said...

Deb! What a nice surprise....lovely hearing from you....Glad you are following the blog, what there is of it! Miss you tons!