Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Just a Tuesday Update

Sock Wars IV is still going on and the really amazing thing is - I'm still alive! I've got one 'kill' under my belt so far and just received the SIP's (socks-in-progress) from my target on Sunday. Actually, they arrived on Saturday but I didn't get the mail till Sunday. The sock on the right was only half done. I've finished that sock and gotten the second one started. Hopefully, I can get it done before the end of the week and sent off before I get killed. My socks of death are nowhere to be found as of this writing - not that I'm complaining. There were 282 folks who started out in this battle and there are less than 1/2 of them left, me included. I have no hope whatsoever of winning this one...but it''s nice to be in the top half of the list at just a bit more than 2 weeks into the battle.

These socks are pure joy to knit. They are called Air Raid by Emily Miller. The socks are knit in a lovely lace pattern and I can certainly see me knitting them up again for either myself or someone else. The yarn is delightful to use - Pagewood Farms Alyeska in Spring Meadow colorway. YUM!

We are heating up here in the Ozarks....temps in the mid to high 80's with humidity rising. June is our wettest month of the year and we've already had some sprinkles today, along with some clouds and thunder this afternoon. John got my front garden planted with the vincas, primroses, impatiens, snapdragons, lavender, dahlia bulbs (for late summer blooms) and even 2 tomoto plants (he plans on moving them to a vegetable garden once he gets that dug and ready but needed to get them planted temporarily - hence the front garden). I'll try to get a picture next time I post.

Sorry this doesn't include any quilting...am working on a large project and no pictures of the progress would do any justice to it. Maybe soon.

Thanks for stopping by.


John Knotwell said...

First... glad Dad has the garden partially in. It was getting late.
Second... get that quilting done.
Third... tell Dad to stop whining about the heat and humidity and get the big garden done. Wait, tell him that since the heat and humidity is so high, he'll have to work on inside projects... can I hear a Fireplace anyone? ;)

Quiltersal said...

I wish! However, Dad doesn't whine about heat and humidity - I do! I'd love for the fireplace to get done, but that is for when the weather makes it impossible for him to work outside. Outside chores take precedent. Over everything!

Lisa Boyer said...

Funny how sock-knitting has brought out the fierce competitor in you! Who knew??? Are there Sock Olympics? Do you get to stand on the podium in your socks while they play the national anthem? Will you appear on a Wheaties box one day?

cinnamongirl93 said...

I am always amazed at your commitment to the war of the sock! It sounds like you have a fantastic time batteling! The socks look so cool!
It's NOT hot here. It still feels like April. Come on heat!