Thursday, January 22, 2009

Fun, Laughter, Knitting, and Friends

I spent the past weekend on a sort of Knitter's Retreat. My friend Terri has a farm a bit south of here and she opened it up to all the knitters from the shop for the weekend. Several girls came down only for the day, others spent the night, and one other (me) stayed 2 nights. I got to know some of the ladies that I've only spoken to a bit at the shop. There was laughter, knitting, giggling, food - oh, my, there was food!- and more laughter. Saturday nite, there were airbeds all over the place!

Nancy came on Saturday. She's only been knitting socks for - well, one sock worth. Here she is with Terri showing off her very first sock! Good job, Nancy!

I came home on Monday morning and started the laundry and then went into the studio to sew for a while. I know a lot of you will be shocked to know that my current WIP contains not a whit of slime green - nada, none! It's in pink, fuschia, yellows, reds, and oranges. Below is the basic quilt without going to add the borders when I get home from work today. John came in last night and asked me if I would add something bright to the quilt cause it was kinda dull! Sarcasm just dripped out of him, of course!

My next quilt is already planned as well. It will contain blue, turquoise, and...wait for it....slime green! Will post pictures once I get it on the wall.

Well, thanks for stopping by....until next time.


Dawn said...

What a blast to spend a few nights with fellow knitters. I envy you being able to do that.

And your quilt --- ooooh! Vibrant & beautiful.

Colleen formerly of South Africa said...

What fun that must have been. I am such a poor knitter...that completing a pair of socks is on my bucket list.... maybe someday.

cinnamongirl93 said...

Sounds like such a good time. I wish I was there.
I love your new quilt by the way!!!