Friday, December 7, 2007

Holidays are Joyful!

Happy Holidays to you all! I've been knitting up a storm to get ready for the trip to Salt Lake City and the family. Finally got everything done this past weekend. I only need to wrap gifts and I am golden! John still needs to do his own shopping but that's his problem! Mine is done, done, done, DONE!

We had our first 'storm' of the season yesterday. Cold, cold, cold (below freezing) and rain = ICE. I went out about 1/2 hour before I was due off work and scraped off about 1/4 inch of ice from my windshield...then another layer once I finished work. The drive home that normally takes 6 minutes took 15 minutes to allow for slippery road. But all is well today - temp is in the mid-40's. A heat wave! While it is cold, it is also dry! Might rain a bit later today but the temperature will keep the ice away.

Am making sugar cookies with John's sisters tomorrow. They get together each year to make cookies together and this year they invited me. I think they had to invite me so they could use my kitchen! Not really, folks, they love me. My house is kinda centrally located and it's big enough to accommodate all 4 of us, plus plenty of counter space to hold cooling cookies.

Sorry this doesn't have any pictures this time....I've been knitting and not taking pictures and NO, I'm not posting pictures of the Christmas knitting projects - at least not till after Christmas.

Happy Holidays to you all if I don't say it later. Ho, Ho, HO!!!

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