Thursday, September 6, 2007

Pig Heaven

Pigs eat like, well.....pigs! Over the course of 146 days, 6 pigs ate a total of 5000 pounds of grains. Yes, 5000 (thousand) pounds of grain. No more! Last Monday John and our neighbor took 6 pigs to the butcher. Two of them were ours! We now have almost 400 pounds of lovely pork in the freezer. And that isn't even the smoked portion! That should be coming in another week or so. Admittedly, about half of that is going to our son and his family when we visit them later this year. And, how does it taste, you ask? It tastes so delicious! We have roasts, cutlets, ribs, chops, tenderloins, and sausage. And soon, we'll have hams, ham steaks, and bacon! We've got two guestrooms and lots of pork! And John just loves to cook and BBQ!

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