Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Country Vets

Some of you will remember that I moved to the Ozarks kicking and screaming...well, moaning and dragging my feet at least. This city girl is just having a tough time assimilating into country life. (At least the attitudes of country life) Anyway, I found something that made me feel a bit easier about living in the country. Our new calf, Huevo has come down with pneumonia and was in danger of perishing. We called our vet (he is about 20 miles away) and described the symptoms...Dr. Michael diagnosed pneumonia and told us he would meet us at the clinic and give us the meds Huevo needs. I expected to have to load him into the trailer and haul him to the vet. Darned if he didn't meet us at the clinic at almost 8 in the evening, hand John 3 HUGE (think the size they use for episiotomies, ladies) syringes and told us that should fix him up! We went home and John gave Huevo 2 of the shots and the other one he gave him the next day and let me tell you, that little calf is up and rarin' to go! He ate yesterday - the first time in 4 days (Mama's really glad!) and his breathing is not so labored. For those of you who like to know these things, it seems that July and August are the worst times for calves to be born...the dry air of July followed by the wet of August causes them to have more instances of pheumonia than any other time of year. Who knew?

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John Knotwell said...

I was thinking that we could find you a good vet in Utah... I know a good potential neighbor with the same last name as yours!