Monday, July 23, 2007

New Calf

Ruby finally had her calf. On Friday, the 20th of July she presented us with a large male calf. No wonder Ruby looked as though she was going to have twins. He is quite large. Probably over 50 pounds already. He is absolutely beautiful. A truly white face, with red rims around his eyes. I'm told that this is a good thing because the color around the eyes helps to prevent pink eye on a cow. We've decided that his name is Huevo (cause he won't have any once they band him later this week and that will be the only reminder!) I know, that's sick....whatever! I went over to see him yesterday and to get some pics and when I was out in the field, he came right over to me and got his nosed scratched...he has no shame! Or fear, for that matter.


John Knotwell said...

Now, THAT's a good looking piece of meat!

Iris G said...

Thank you for sharing the photo of this absolutely beautiful calf!