Sunday, October 22, 2023

Week 39-43

No excuses...Just hanging my head in shame....5 weeks since the last posting.  Sorry.

I've been stitching and stitching and stitching....October is the month that brings us Halloween and the true beginning (in my mind) of the Fall season.  I follow several flosstubers and one in particular, Stitching by the Shore - Laura - has her birthday in October.  She started a Stitch-Along (SAL) last year and it continues this year called #PumpkinBirthdaySAL....stitching anything having to do with pumpkins - pictures of pumpkins, pumkin-colored fabric or floss, you get the idea.  Here are my contributions to the SAL 

Playing With Jax using the alternative center pumpkin provided.  I think this one is lovely and it can be used far longer than up to Halloween with the alternate pumpkin center. This one was started in October and finished in October.

Fall Blessings by Lila's Studio.  This is a small stitch, only about 5 inches across and 6 inches tall.  It was a quick one and I started it and finished it this month as well.

Happy Halloween Pumpkin Party by Jardin Prive.  Started this month but I don't think it will be completed this month.  I'm further along on it than this picture shows.  It's quite lovely and a joy to stitch.

I have collected a set of charts by Heart in Hand for a couple of years now.  I want to stitch them all and finally started in on Halloween Tiny Town.  Once I completed it, I put it in the box of To-Be-Totally-Finished items and left it there.  I had cleaned out my fabric stash and decided that the higher counts just were not going to be used by these old eyes and I sent all of that fabric to a lady whose flosstube I follow.  She was so appreciative of the gift, she asked if she could finish a piece of stitching for me.  She's an amazing finisher and I did not hesitate.  Here is my Halloween Tiny Town finished by Helen D.
The basket came from Target and measures about 13 inches across....I just love how she completed the work.  Now I'm inspired to get working on one of the other ones....which one?  Who knows.

I recently took a virtual workshop in machine embroidery called Treats for my Boo.  Since covid, these kinds of classes have become quite popular. I love taking these kinds of workshops since I don't have to take down my machine, transport it to the shop, set it up and do it all backwards again when the class is over.  This event had us making a cat jar topper, a Halloween gift pocket, and a Boo Basket. Here are my projects.
I just love these.  The basket is stitched flat and then folded into itself to become a lovely holder for Halloween candy or decor. 

Enough bragging about my creations.  

I have been suffering hip pain for several years...and it continues to get worse and worse.  I finally decided to do something about it since I have trouble standing, sitting, rising, bending, or walking.  Made an appointment with the orthopedist and last week we were able to schedule a total hip replacement surgery.  On December 11th (or sooner if they get a cancellation) I am getting a new hip.  I am beyond excited! So is John.  They tell me when I wake up from surgery, the pain I've been feeling will be gone and the only discomfort is from the 4-5inch incision of the surgery. No muscles will be cut, only stretched out of the way to allow the removal of the old hip and replacement of the new one.  I will get up from bed that day, dress into my own clothes, and begin walking right away.  Next morning I will be taught the exercises I need to do at home and then released.  No need to physical therapy except the exercises and walking at home.  I can not believe how far surgical procedures have come.  They tell me that healing from hip replacement is quicker and easier than knee surgery.  I had a total knee replaced 6 years ago and, while it wasn't awful, it DID take some time to be considered healed.  And 12 weeks of PT, and lots of pain meds and crying.  I am not anticipating the same thing this time.  Will let you know how we fare once I get home....I can't wait!!!

Thanks for stopping by....Seeya soon.


Jennifer said...

Love your stitching, Sally......and what a sweet gift! It seems that every second person we meet lately had had replacement surgery of some sort or other, it's very common these days and nothing to be feared.

Debbie said...

Great to see all you have been work on lately. Love the alternative design for the "Jack's" pattern...didn't know there was that option. Sure hope all goes well with your hip surgery!